Buy and Sell used Printing Equipment
Discount one machines – Solds ‘as is’ without refurbishment – Installation – Commissioning – Training – Technincal consultation – Individual machines – complete Production Lines – Trnkey Projets


Purchasing used equipment demands THE CONFIDENCE of the Buyer, especially when you are a long way from the supplier. We fully understand the legitimate worries of our clients, this is the reason we offer ALL OUR EQUIPMENT FULLY REFURBISHED.

Refurbishment includes: thorough cleaning, replacing all worn parts, new rollers, ensuring the machine is in perfect working order and inspection by the customer before delivery.

We offer 3 MONTHS WARRANTY, if installation is done by our technicians. The list of equipment in this Bulletin is just a selection of our stock. Please contact us and let us know what you are looking for.

We are waiting for your call and will be delighted to answer any questions. Please accept our best regards.

Michel Michaud

Responsable communication

Stéphane Pillet

Ingénieur Technique

Thierry Fortier

Responsable Atelier